Published 18.06.2017 by Nicolas de Teilmann

Entrepreneur - Startup Funding

Are you an entrepreneur, looking for investors take your venture to the next level? Do you want to start a business and wonder where to get the funds? - The Danish serial entrepreneur: Nicolaj Højer Nielsen has published a book on the subject which offers practical solutions and guides the reader step by step to secure the right funding at the right time.

Nicolaj is a former teacher of mine from Copenhagen Business School with a specialty in Entrepreneurship, so I decided to contribute to the book by providing my experiences with startup funding. Nicolaj was so kind to mention me in his acknowledgments for my contribution to his book.


Having had some experience in a startup, before joining IBM, trying to secure funding, as well as more extensive experience working in a bank and assessing credit ratings for companies and startups. I felt I had a good understanding of the what, how and why on startup funding which I contributed with. I actually think Nicolaj did a great job on this book, explaining all the different kinds of funding and when each type of funding would be relevant. He has backed it all up with case studies and real-world stories from other entrepreneurs from his network (named in the acknowledgments) and for all the topics, the book also contains illustrations to help the reader easily understand and get an overview of the subject.

It can definitely be a challenge for a startup to obtain funding and there are a multitude of different funding types so if you are new to funding or just want to know more,  I will recommend this book. The more you know about this topic, the easier it will be to get the right funding at the right time.

You can read the first 100 pages for free of the 250-page book on startup funding here. Good luck! 🙂